How to find us

Using GOOGLE MAPS (not any other navigation app) and by typing ALMOND HILL HOUSE you will arrive at the guest house front gate and see our orange sunshine and almond tile on the gate post.


Before that you drive for about a kilometre along a well-used lane with houses on both sides. The last bit gets more rural, with beautiful olive terraces, and a bit bumpy until you reach us at the end.

Almond Hill House front gate with orange tile

Send us an email

 We are always available for any questions and look forward to hearing from you. You can expect a reply within a couple of days.

    view over Orgiva with pin showing location

    Stunning Drive

    We encourage you to rent a car – there is so much to see and experience. The roads vary from excellent to tracks, but the majority are new and very good.


    Within two hour’s easy drive you should be here from Malaga airport. The motorway system is excellent with breathtaking views across the coastline and mountains.

    car with mountains and blue sky behind
    mountain views